Let's Get This Potty Started on TV! Potty Training Advice and Tips by Dr. Heather

Lots of potty talk going on at KITV recently. Come see a fun interview about Let's Get This Potty Started! My new potty training book is doing awesomely well, thanks to all your support and reviews. It's consistently in the Top 3 on the Kindle Toilet Training List. Woo hoo!


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Dr. Heather in Parents Magazine, August Issue

See me on page 191 Thanks to Parents Magazine and Sharlene Johnson for giving me the opportunity to be the "Q and A" expert on a

topic we're all familiar with...The Dawdling Toddler. Pick up a copy anywhere magazines are sold, and let us know YOUR suggestions for getting your toddler out the door in the morning.

Aloha, Dr. Heather The BabyShrink

My First Time in a National Parenting Mag -- Pregnancy Magazine

The current issue of Pregnancy, see me on Page 60 When I heard from Lisa Fields, a writer for Pregnancy magazine doing a story on "Nursing Must-Haves", I was afraid that we were about to see yet another story on how blissful it is for everyone to breastfeed their babies. As I've said here before, it's surprisingly difficult for many moms to nurse their babies -- moms who try EVERYTHING and still can't do it, despite every single effort to make it work. We hear from these moms here a lot, and they suffer unnecessary guilt over the difficulties they encounter.

But Lisa was interested in including a quote from me in which I at least am able to mention the issue of guilt and the pressure moms experience to "get it right".

It's also exciting for me as I embark on my quest to make important -- and useful -- parenting information more available. Parenting babies and young children can be difficult, and our generation of parents has to sort through a bunch of inaccuracies and propaganda about child development in the quest to be the best parents we can be. Conflicting messages about breastfeeding, potty training, discipline, TV, and other "hot button" issues make it stressful to feel good about making parenting decisions. I've done a lot of work to sort through the garbage and provide you with the most essential and helpful parenting information I can -- information that's vetted directly by me, a psychologist and child development expert, and mom to four young children. To that end, I'm happy to announce that I'm also being used as an expert source in upcoming issues of Parents and American Baby magazines, as well. I'm commenting on some of the most common problems we, as parents, face with our young ones -- and suggest what I hope are helpful ideas to make your life simpler and more satisfying, as parents.

Thanks to Lisa for giving me the opportunity to start to reach a wider audience, and to you for your ongoing support! You can pick up the June/July issue of Pregnancy in Target, and most bookstores and newsstands. (I'm on page 60.)


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Aloha, Honolulu Advertiser Readers!

Can I brag for a minute, folks? I'm being featured in today's Honolulu Advertiser, in the Family Section. Zenaida Serrano was kind enough to use BabyShrink in her story about "Playing with Newborns". Our good friend and nanny Keri Duke is a professional artist and photographer (and my own professional lifesaver), and took this photo of our new baby and I having a fun time together. smallsashaandheathergood

If you're new to BabyShrink, welcome! I'm a Maui mom of four young children, and a licensed psychologist specializing in babies and young children. I've been answering reader questions here for two years now, so take a look around the site, and hit "Ask Dr. Heather" if you can't find an answer to your parenting dilemma. I'm happy to help!

And for those of you not lucky enough to live in Hawaii, here's a link to the Advertiser story.

Much mahalos, Zenaida!


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