Pregnancy Help: Are You Parenting After Infertility? So Is Your Babyshrink!

Listen, gang. I know there are lots of us out there parenting after infertility.  It’s a life-changing experience; going through the fear, uncertainty and crushing disappointment of diagnosis and failed treatments, and then the thrill, excitement, and relief of finally parenting that little one.  I still get a cold shudder of PTSD when I think back to those days of praying for a baby, and being disappointed again and again. 

Does it impact our experience as parents?  Are we too lenient, because we were so desperate to have that baby?  Are we too overprotective, because we know in a very real way what can happen to those hopes and dreams?  Are we traumatized by what we have been through?  If we could go through it all again, would we have done anything differently?

These are the questions that I have for all you lurkers out there who are parenting after infertility, and I hope you'll comment here, or email me with your thoughts.

BabyShrink's Story

(I know, I know, you want to know OUR story.  OK.  The short version:  We waited until we were a bit older -- and a lot less in debt -- to start trying for a baby.  It didn’t happen.  The doctors didn’t know why.  We had several “procedures”, disappointments, and ultimately success with our daughter in 2001.  We were thrilled to get two surprise “freebies”; our sons, in 2003 and 2006. )

Let’s tawk.  Give me some feedback, and I’ll write more about it!

~~Heather, The BabyShrink