Toddler Behavior: What's Your Toddler's "Lovey's" Name?

I need your help! I'm writing my book chapter on toddlers' gotta-have, must-have, go-ballistic-without-them comfort items. You know: The Binky. The Baba. The Blankie. Your toddler's "Comfort Thingie" -- whatever it might be. But I know your kids have come up with some fantastic, silly, unforgettable names, and I want to include those names in my book. Here are some cute, silly and endearing entries to get you started, from various readers, family and friends of mine:

My Mockedy (a ratty old blanket) Daka (a stuffed Humpty Dumpty toy) The Little Silkie (blanket) My Habit (another blanket) Milky Baba

So please add your comment here, with the "Thingie's" name and a short description. With any luck, it'll be immortalized in my first BabyShrink book!

Aloha, Dr. Heather The BabyShrink