And The Parent Coaching Winner Is...

Folks, this was a tough decision! I got lots of entries, both on BabyShrink and submitted by email. But the top two were clearly AMBER, a single Mom struggling with a clingy toddler, and JEN M., with her crusty, stinky, bath-hating offspring. Yay for the winners!

So what I decided to do was to give EACH OF THEM a FREE 45-minute session! A 45-minute session -- worth $115 -- should be enough to help them make some good progress with their toddlers. And stay tuned -- I'm asking both of them to give me their HONEST and COMPLETE reviews afterward, to post here on BabyShrink. I believe in Parent Coaching so much that I'm happy to be completely open in all my client reviews. I'm not satisfied until my clients are 100% satisfied. I thrive on your parenting challenges, folks!

Thanks for all your entries and votes. If you didn't win this time, I still hope you'll sign up for Parent Coaching. My latest case involves a Mom who's struggling with guilt as she tries to decide how to balance her attention between her toddler and her new baby. Who needs her more? Can she be enough for BOTH children? Will one of them suffer if she inadvertently gives too much attention to the other? We're working on a plan to realistically juggle both kids, increase her parenting confidence, and improve her own "mother's intuition" about who needs what (and when). Hit the "Parent Coaching Packages" next to my photo to find out more.

And Amber and Jen, congratulations! I can't wait to talk with each of you!


Dr. Heather The BabyShrink