The Generosity of Glenn Sakamoto

There are still more people to thank on this one-year anniversary of BabyShrink. My extremely talented, yet ever-humble friend Glenn Sakamoto has been a mainstay of support since before BabyShrink was even "born". I remember the day almost 18 months ago when I asked him for feedback about the project; I called him with a simple question about the design of my logo, and I wasn't even at all sure that BabyShrink was a viable idea. But I got much, much more than I ever hoped for; he spent two hours encouraging, praising, and guiding my ideas, and I hung up the phone with the confidence to GO FOR IT.

Since then, Glenn's been there. Not only did he create my AWESOME logo, but he's simply ALWAYS provided me with support and encouragement when I need it.

Glenn's portfolio and skills are impressive, and I know he did my logo as a favor for an old friend. I hope one day I can repay his generosity and support. Mahalo and aloha, Glenn!!!

Check out his talent here at

Aloha, Dr. Heather The BabyShrink