Potty Training: Tips for a Mom Trying Desperately To Potty Train Her Toddler

One of my most frequently-asked questions is along the lines of one I recently received: Dear Dr. Heather,

My daughter will be 3 in Sept. She absolutely refuses to use the potty. When I take her in the morning it seems she will hold it - even though her diaper is dry- until I give up. That can be up to 20 minutes. I've tried everything. Books, videos, Pull-Ups. She doesn't even care if she wets herself. I am so very weary of putting big girl panties on her for fear that she will wet herself again!


A Desperate Mom

I can certainly relate. I've experienced all sorts of variations on the potty training theme here in the BabyShrink household with our 3 young children. But this is one of the big issues that CAN'T BE RUSHED.

Here's my response to "Desperate", along with a link to one of my more popular posts on the subject.

Dear Desperate Mom,

She is giving you a very clear message -- that she's not ready yet! Save yourself (and her) the aggravation and bust out the diapers for another few weeks before you try again; and next time, follow her lead. This is not something you can force. Hang in there!

And here's a link to my most popular potty training post, for more details.


Dr. Heather The BabyShrink