Child Development: Can't Our Kids Be "Normal"?

Living in Hawaii ain't bad. But one of the things I truly miss about living in Southern California is reading the LA Times. I especially love the Health section; I find things in there that I don't even come across in my geeky science-journalism review sites. My in-laws lovingly and patiently collect them for me, since I'm over 40 and still get a thrill from smudged newsprint on my hands. Lately I've been reviewing my lovely stack of Health sections, and I wanted to share this great article with you. It echoes a BabyShrink theme: We need to have REALISTIC expectations of our kids and their development. The pressure to "perform" these days, even in preschool, is ridiculous and even damaging. Accepting our kids (and ourselves), with all of our interesting variations and wrinkles, is the only way to see them eventually have a solid sense of self-acceptance, and to ultimately excel in areas where they're truly exceptional.

Here's the article. Let me know what you think!


Dr. Heather The BabyShrink