Attachment Parenting: Broadening the AP Debate into Vaccinations

We've had a lot of action around here regarding Attachment Parenting. The issue doesn't end at sleep training, babywearing, or extended nursing. It also is smack dab in the middle of one of the most contentious issues in parenting today...the issue of the safety of vaccinations. If you've read my posts here for long, my thoughts won't come as any surprise to you. I'm strongly pro-vaccination. And I evaluate toddlers all the time for autism. I realize that I may incur the wrath of some sadly misinformed readers out there, but I gotta tell ya: Vaccines have saved millions of lives. Case closed. (To me, at least.) If you haven't already, check out this post stating my thoughts on the issue.

Along with a mini-flood of reader questions about infant sleep, reader Julie posted this comment today, and I thought I would write about it because there's a lot of momentum going in this direction in the parenting press these days:

Hi, I also have a 7-month-old and I just did the sleep training with the Sleep Easy Solutions book. It has been a great experience! We actually bedshared for a bit, but it became very taxing in the evenings, as he could not go to sleep without me. He now sleeps longer and better and gets himself to sleep. We are now working on naps. Interestingly enough, he used to nap so much better next to a parent, but now he sleeps better if he gets himself to sleep. I think seven months was the perfect time for us to transition him to his crib and help him learn to sleep on his own.

I wrote about this on my personal blog,

I heard about your blog on Mainstream Parenting Resources. I also have a new blog with some other folks called Rational Moms.

I’m very interested this whole AP thing–I have some major issues with Sears. So I was looking at your articles on this in preparation for my own post.

After reading her comment, I pulled a link to a fantastic article in the New York Times from the Mainstream Parenting site. It broadens the issue of Attachment Parenting into the issue of vaccinations. Check it out.

Can't wait for the fireworks.