A New Post for a New Year

Those of you who follow me here at BabyShrink haven't had much to follow lately. The economic crisis has hit my "day job" pretty hard, so like the rest of you, our family is struggling to come to terms with some tough new realities. The end result is -- fewer posts. But that doesn't mean my dedication has flagged. In fact, this week marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of BabyShrink, and I'm taking the opportunity to review the excitement of the past year, and thank you all for the success that this site continues to be.

BabyShrink started as an outlet for me to share my passion for understanding the development of babies, young children, and parents. In my practice, I evaluate and treat (mostly) toddlers whose development has somehow gone awry. Many of these cases involve complex problems like autism, chromosomal defects, trauma, or abuse. But the majority of questions I get about these children have less to do with their complex disorders -- and more to do with basic, "run-of-the-mill" child development and parenting issues. Parents in rural areas such as mine have little access to this kind support and information. So I decided to make my parenting suggestions and resources available online.

It's been a thrill to discover that parents all over the world have found helpful information on BabyShrink. Each day, I eagerly check my "stats" to see what parts of the world my readers are from: Latvia, Australia, Singapore, Turkey, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, and Canada are on today's list of visitors. And I'm especially thrilled to give a shout-out to all my American compatriots and readers; today I see you coming in from Yonkers, Berkeley, Des Moines, Anchorage, and a dedicated reader from Cranberry Township, PA who pored over 13 posts this morning. Aloha and mahalo to you all!

Over the next week, I'll be revisiting some of your all-time favorite posts...you might be surprised (as I am) at my "most-Googled" articles. I'll also give you a bit of an insider's glimpse into what it's been like for a shrink like me to reinvent herself as a blogger, with a shoestring budget and not a lick of technical know-how (all while juggling a marriage, three young children, and my PAYING shrink job). I hope I can inspire you to chase down your own dreams in the process...and continue to encourage you to let "good enough" be GOOD ENOUGH in our efforts to raise our kids.

For a trip down memory lane, I've included a link below to my very-first introductory post, published one year today. It's fun to see that, despite some unpredicted twists and turns, we've been able to stick to our goals and interests here. Enjoy!

Welcome To BabyShrink: March 6, 2008


Dr. Heather The BabyShrink