I suppose it had to happen. Sooner or later, our discussions would ruffle some feathers. It seems that the folks over at Stonyfield Farms were a little perturbed about the whole TV-watching issue. The general consensus over here was that TV can be bad OR good...it's just not that simple. And given the real-world challenges of parenting, being able to pop in a Baby Einstein DVD from time to time makes a whole world of difference. In the "Baby Babble" post, they manage to malign both my fabulous BabyShrink fan Katie Kat, AND poor Dr. Zimmerman, my TV expert. The bloggers over at Baby Babble should really do their research first; Dr. Z's credentials are unassailable. And they have "spun" Katie's question so wildly, it doesn't even resemble what we actually talked about in the post and comments!

The truth is, I have a fresh 6-pack of Yo Baby yogurt in my fridge right now. (And I promise they didn't pay me to say that....AS IF they ever would!) Yo Baby is organic, has no high-fructose corn syrup, and is perfectly wonderful. But you know what ? I also have some CostCo chicken nuggets in the freezer, for when I am a tad too frazzled to fret over trans-fats and just need to get something on the table for my starving horde.

That's what BabyShrink is all about....striving for the best, but being satisfied with "Good Enough".

This kind of "tsk-tsk" coming from Stonyfield is exactly the problem that we bemoan; the high-and-mighty, sanctimonious attitude that conveys that this parenting thing is a competitive sport we must win...and unkindly judge the others who don't quite live up to our standards of perfection.