Welcome to BabyShrink

I'm Dr. Heather. I’m a mom and a psychologist. I specialize in the development of babies, toddlers, and parents. I am a "BabyShrink". I created this site to give parents a place where they can better understand the minds of their babies and toddlers. See, babies do weird things. Toddlers do, too. And sometimes that freaks parents out. But you know what? A lot of the weird things kids do are normal. I hope to help you decide what to relax about…and sometimes, when you need to get help. The subject matter we discuss on BabyShrink.com is not the same stuff you read about in baby development books, and not the stuff your (probably overworked) pediatrician might not have time for.

Some examples of what parents like you ask me all the time in my work:

I feel so guilty about going back to work! Is it really ok?

Will my toddler ever stop embarrassing me by biting my friends’ kids?

How can I keep my cool when I haven’t slept since last week Tuesday?

Am I “giving” my child ADHD by letting her watch a Baby Einstein DVD?

What about a Dad’s perspective in all of this?

And your more serious questions:

What about this increase in autism? What’s causing it, and should I worry?

We’re having marital problems. Will this affect the baby?

My baby is developing differently than my friends’ babies. Is something wrong?

I feel down and depressed. Do I have post-partum depression?

We’ll be talking about all these topics and more on BabyShrink. You’re here because you know that taking an active role in your kids’ psychological development can mean all the difference in how she or he turns out. And it’s not always easy to figure out what’s going on in those little minds.Parenting is the most difficult job in the world,but it’s the hardest job you’ll ever love. It will make you feel desperate. It will make you wonder if the latest thing they’re doing is “normal”. We will ask ourselves if we’re screwing them up, despite all our best efforts. And then, in the blink of an eye, those kids will cause our hearts to explode with pride and joy.

You’re here at this site because you care so much about those little munchkins, and you want them to be happy, productive, and well-adjusted. So do I. (My own kids are 6, 4, and 1. I’m living it, right along with you!)

A Pop-Psych-Free Zone

Although we will be discussing some intense issues, I’ll try to keep things light; a little humor can work wonders. You have my word that I’ll endeavor to avoid dry, clinical, confusing “pop-psych” gibberish. We’re all about keeping it real here. I hope to show you how a real person, a real shrink, thinks, lives and works; struggles with family, career and everything else. I hope I can share with you the amazing and interesting lessons that my clients, my kids, and my own hubby-shrink have taught me. (Yes, I know. In our family, we're two shrinks, raising kids. What pressure, not to mess them up!)

I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology and have been licensed as a psychologist since 1996. I’ve seen thousands of families so far, and I continue to see clients every week.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER This site is not in any way meant to be a substitute for professional evaluation, therapy, treatment, or medical advice. I hope it is entertaining and informative, but I must insist that any significant questions or concerns you have about your kids, your family or yourself be directed to your health care professional.

Let’s get this thing rolling. What questions do you have for me? Click the “Ask Dr. Heather” button at the top of this page to send me your questions!


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