Weird Pregnancy Dreams? I Need Yours!

Miriam in Florida emailed me with some fascinating questions about dreams, whether her baby Griffin could be having them at night when he whimpers and cries in his sleep, and about her own dreams, when she was pregnant with him. There’s a great article here if you want to read about infant dreams, and I like the Dr. Greene site in general. So check that out. But before you go over there, finish this post, because I need your help. I’m planning a series on Pregnancy Dreams, and I need your submissions!

I’m fascinated by dreams, and there are some interesting commonalities among pregnancy dreams. They tend to be unusually vivid, action-packed, and bizarre. We tend to remember them better than at other times of our lives, too.

Miriam recalls, from one of her pregnancy dreams:

I'm boiling potatoes in a giant stock pot on the floor in the kitchen. There is no steam, but I know they're boiling. I'm stirring them with a long-handled slotted-spoon. The water begins to boil away and now I am sauteeing them in the same pot. My husband is trying to get me to make some chicken, then says that we need to go burn the marshland to get rid of the mosquitoes. I tell him we have to talk to the committee about it.

Right off the bat, of course I’m thinking of “cooking the potatoes” as a metaphor for pregnancy. But I need Miriam’s reflections and associations to help better understand the rest of the meaning of the dream. She included some of the background in her email to me, so when I compile the series, I’ll be able to share some of my interpretations with you.

I hope you’ll dig up your pregnancy journals and submit some of your own dreams to me and I’ll include them with the series. It promises to be fun, interesting and illustrative of the powerful experience of pregnancy!