Shhh... It's "Confidential"!

I have all sorts of grand hopes and plans for the future of BabyShrink. But since I'm juggling my clinical practice, plus a consulting/management business, AND three young children (not to mention Mr. Dr. BabyShrink), my time is limited. I figure all I need is an extra 6 or 7 hours in every day to accomplish my goals! So I'm thrilled that, despite my limitations, BabyShrink has continued to grow and develop, as any "baby" should. One of the really cool things is when producers of other sites -- especially sites with far greater "reach" than mine -- contact me to ask to cross-post an article. So I'm excited to show off my latest such effort, posted today at My article on "What is too scary for Halloween?" is up there now. Check out the "Hot Topics" box to find it...and cruise around the site, while you're at it!