Ooooh Baby BABY!

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of questions from parents of toddlers, which mirrors my clinical practice. Parents of babies don’t ask as many questions, but they need answers at least as much! So where are all you readers with questions about BABIES? Oh, perhaps you’re too busy, I don’t know, not sleeping, feeling overwhelmed, worrying about strange new baby conditions, and otherwise barely limping from one day (night) into the next?

Well, this site is called BABYshrink, after all. It’s time for us to focus on you, the parents of babies, for awhile.

Here are some of the things we’ll talk about, over the next few weeks:

If my baby sleeps all the time, how come I never get any sleep?

I just had a baby, and I feel like I’ve been totally shell-shocked. Where’s the Mommy Bliss I expected?

The baby’s delivery did not go as I had planned. Even though we’re both healthy, I feel like a failure. How can I come to terms with how it went?

I hoped to breastfeed the baby, but I won’t be able to (Or: am not willing to. Or: am only willing to for a short period of time.) Yet, I feel guilty and embarrassed about this. Is there a way to feel OK about it?

I feel so protective of the baby; I’ve never felt this way before. I can’t even imagine letting someone else care for him/her. How will I ever go back to work?

And for you Dads:

I want to help with the new baby, but I feel so useless. My wife has everything that the baby needs. How do I contribute?

Seeing my wife deliver the baby was amazing, and gave me a whole new respect for her. But I’m wondering about our sex life. Will she ever be interested again? And will I ever feel attracted to her in the same way? Or will being parents change our relationship forever?

My youngest is now two, so I’ve had just enough distance from those early days to have a semi-functional brain again. But I will never forget the intensity of those first weeks and months of having a new baby in the house.

I hope I can help some of you through one of the most rewarding…and challenging…times in anyone’s life! As always, your input is appreciated. I will respond to as many of your questions as possible.


Dr. Heather The BabyShrink