More Halloween Stuff

Daddy Dan continues his series, "Ask the Bloggers", with a question about scary Halloween stories. I've included a story about a silly thing my oldest did that scared the heck out of me. Check it out here. And I've been getting more questions about how to handle scary Halloween stuff with our youngest ones. It's easy to protect an oldest (or an only) child from things that might be scary; just keep them at home, and turn off the porch light. But what about when your older kids are ready for the spooky stuff, and the little ones want to be just like the "Big Kids"?

Take a look at some of the hints in my earlier post on Halloween. But I'd also like to hear your thoughts and suggestions about this dilemma. Do you let your babies, toddlers and preschoolers go trick-or-treating? What about to the "Haunted House" and other scary stuff available on Halloween? How do you manage the Fright Factor?