Great Books for Kids

Here are some of my favorites, if you need last-minute gift ideas for young kids, ages 4-8: Stoo Hample's Classic (Candlewick)

Stoo Hample's The Silly Book, published by Candlewick. This classic holds it's own. My kids recite these ridiculously funny lines in the car, at home, and make BabyShrink's Biggest Fan very proud in the process; she's the one who bestowed this goofy gift upon us. Really, any young kid MUST have this book. Required reading!


Check out Diary of Worm, by Cronin and Bliss (HarperCollins, Publisher). There's a whole series of these Diary books, but this is my favorite. Funny and gross in a way your 4-8-year-old will love. Believe it or not, these kinds of gross stories are developmentally appropriate! Kids this age are starting to understand humor in a new way, and independence is enhanced any time our kids manage to gross us out. It helps them set up a little kid boundary around what they think and enjoy -- and get a little space from us!


Finally, I want to plug my friend Ilima Loomis' new book, Kaimi's First Roundup. It's a lovely depiction of the unique life of the paniolo, our Hawaiian word for cowboy, and the book is getting great reviews. Your kiddie horse-lovers will enjoy this unique take on the cowboy story. (And perhaps inspire a trip to come see us in Hawaii!) Don Robinson's illustrations are fantastic.

Do you need a recommendation for a great book for yourself? Next time, I'll tell you about the book I just finished -- my favorite of the year!