BabyShrink's Baby Needs Minor Surgery, and Dr. Heather Needs a Little Reassurance

First of all, I want to thank you all for hanging in there with me while I get the feed worked out for BabyShrink. Before I started this site, I thought "feed" was simply the activity in which I engaged, oh, 17 or 18 times a day. (My boys, especially, eat....a LOT.) But thanks to the Other Heather at, it's all good now! Heather, I really appreciate your responsiveness and expertise. Second, some of you have noticed that my posting has been a little less frequent. After our trip, I intended to jump back in with lots of new stuff. But here's what happened: A few nights ago, Baby TT was jumping around naked after his bath, as he is wont to do. He got into some kind of toddler freak-out about something, and Mr. Dr. BabyShrink noticed a strange little bulge in TT's groin area. It only popped out when TT was screaming, then went back in.TT at the zoo

We both knew it had to be a hernia. The pediatrician confirmed our suspicions, and he's scheduled for surgery August 19 at Kapiolani, which is a children's hospital in Honolulu.

Everyone is very reassuring about the procedure. "It's the bread and butter of the pediatric surgeon. They do it all day, every day.", "It's not considered deeply invasive, and he'll jump right back immediately.", "It will be over before you know it.", "You're lucky it's not something serious."

Of course all of this makes sense to my logical mind. It truly is not a big deal, and we are so grateful for the good health of our three kids.

But my Mother's Fears are going crazy. How can I surrender my BABY up to the the doctors and nurses who will strap him down, drug him, and cut him open? How can I hand him over to total strangers to fix something that doesn't even bother him? What if...What if....What if....

To complicate matters, we have a family history of malignant hyperthermia, which apparently makes the anesthesia more complicated. It should be safe, since they know in advance about what drugs to avoid giving TT. But it still makes me damn nervous.

Lately I've gotten questions from many of you who have children with chronic health conditions. I've thought a lot about the impact of health issues on our relationships with our families, and on our parenting. And of course it's easier to answer questions that OTHERS have. I'll be posting some of those letters soon.

But first, I want to hear back from YOU: those of you who have gone through procedures like this with their children.

What was it like? What can I expect? How did you cope with the anxiety and fears? Were there any lasting impacts on your parenting? How did you explain to your little one what was about to happen? What about siblings; what did you say to them?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and support. You'll be helping me -- and a lot of other families out there who are going through the same process.