I know I promised to post Part II of my Book Bag Faves, butI simply MUST pause for a moment to thank you all for your incredible response to BabyShrink! Readership has grown so quickly, which allows us to start planning to add new, fabulous features and upgrades to the site.

Here’s a quick rundown of the past, present and future for BabyShrink:

  • Most of you know my editor Danny from his blog DadGoneMad. Not only is he one of my oldest and best friends, but he’s also taken the mission of BabyShrink to heart and has directed his incredible readership and support to my site. I can’t thank Danny and Hot Wife enough for all of their ongoing help. Danny continues to kick my tush into better writing shape and has grand schemes and plans for the upgrading of Keep checking for them over the next few weeks!
  • I continue to get questions on parenting and child development from all over the world, including Singapore, England, Scotland and South Africa, as well as all corners of the USA. I will continue to answer each and every one of your questions personally; this is my passion. I am dedicated to providing straightforward, non-technical, expert parenting advice and support. Interaction with readers, either in “Comments” or direct questions to, is the lifeblood of this site and awakens me early in the morning to run to the computer and continue the conversation with you.
  • I continue to get “yesses” to my requests for interviews with experts and other funny mom and dad authors, and the topics and subjects promise to make great posts. Word of the site is spreading quickly, thanks to you, my readers! I’ve also been asked to provide expert advice to other parenting columnists, and I’ll let you know as soon as those columns post.

Here at BabyShrink, we’re dedicated to supporting the development of babies, toddlers, and parents. Thanks for helping us start out with such great success!