BabyShrink Needs Your Questions – AND Your Advice!

I had planned to write one more post about Weird Pregnancy Dreams, but there's just so much going on behind the scenes here, I just had to tell you about it.

Here is a quick rundown - **New BabyShrink website design in progress **BabyShrink PODCASTING…what would you like to hear? **Great new interviews to post soon **And finally, I need your questions!

BabyShrink Site Redesign It’s hard to believe BabyShrink was launched March 7….of THIS YEAR. In 10 weeks, over 20,000 page views have been logged. 20,000! That’s due in no small part to my chief booster and whip-cracking editor, Danny Evans at DadGoneMad. But lots of you have decided to stick around, ask questions, participate in the discussion, and read my articles. I couldn’t be happier. And so, it’s time to upgrade the site to be cleaner, easier to navigate, and to use my radical new logo, designed by my Grammy-nominated friend and tireless supporter, Glenn Sakamoto. All this week I’m meeting with web designers. But I’m a shrink, not a "tekkie". I need your advice and suggestions about making BabyShrink as useful and appealing as possible.

BabyShrink’s Parenting Podcasts My friend Ilima is a new mom, and since she’s ten years younger than I am, she’s wayyy cooler. Which means she knows how to use her iPod. And she loads it with all sorts of great programs, and listens in the middle of the night, when she’s up nursing her baby. But she wants Parenting Podcasts…a la BabyShrink. And since she’s a journalist, I take her advice seriously. So I ask you, dear readers, what kinds of podcasts do you want to hear from me?

Great New BabyShrink Interviews Remember when I told you about the fantastic book “Babyproofing Your Marriage”? I had the opportunity to interview Stacie Cockrell recently; she’s one of it’s authors. I can’t wait to post the interview, and I do highly recommend you check out the book. Just look at the reviews on to give you a sense of what an important (and hilarious) book this is.

My series on Sensory Integration was very well-received, and Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske have generously offered to post my complete three-part series on their website, I’ll let you know when that’s up on their site.

I also was thrilled to hear back from an Israeli researcher who’s done studies on pregnancy and dreams. You won’t want to miss the fascinating new findings on Weird Pregnancy Dreams. Since my Israeli Professor is on vacation, we’ll wait on the final post in that series until I can give you all the interesting new findings.

I Need Your Questions! Not only do I want to hear your feedback and suggestions about new features to integrate into the BabyShrink site upgrade, I also want to hear your parenting questions. As they say in radio, “Now’s a great time to get through to me.” We go on vacation in a few weeks, so get your parenting dilemmas and questions in to me now!